…. dance, theatre, music, workshops, and more!


July 15 @ 7pm  Billy and Grace Tea  in Concert  original music and lyrical poetry with flavors of gypsy jazz, blues, and folk. Jumping from guitar and fiddle to bass and alto saxophone with rattles, bells, drums, and shakers, these two gypsies make magic music medicine for seekers in the mystery!”

July 22 @ 7pm Mukti in Concert gorgeous devotional East Indian fusion with a great dance beat

July 23 @ 7pm The Mysterious Giant Selenite Crystals… a Sound and Light Activation thru the Wisdom of Gaia by Leela 415-847-0141 for details

July 24 @ 6:30pm “Walk the Earth as a Living Master” with Kamala

July 26,27,30,31 @ 10am Preparing for the Energies of the New Time with Froukje Buma and Jeroen Kuyper-  6 day workshop

July 28 @ 7:30pm  Kathy Zavada in Concert devotional angelic  vocals and piano

July 30 @ 8pm Eostar in Concert in Concert devotional world beat

July 31 @ 7:30pm doors/8pm Show Ma Muse in Concert The songs of MaMuse are love poems to the Earth. They also speak to the depths of one’s own inner terrain. MaMusic stirs the heart through deep soul felt lyrics and sparse supportive instrumentation. MaMuse ( is one voice divided into Karisha Longaker and Sarah Nutting, two alto-sopranos based out of Chico, Ca. Sarah and Karisha together create original music that breathes. Tight vocal harmonies ring out a capella or blend with upright bass, mandolin, guitar, and flute to deliver a message of living joyfully on this planet Earth. We look forward to visiting your community and sharing this experience with you. 

Beginning July 31st, MaMuse will set out with a small support of friends to promote their second full-length album Strange and Wonderful. The tour will begin in Shasta, CA and meander northward through Oregon and Washington. In Seattle, MaMuse will continue their adventurous Northwest tour by bicycle, ferrying across the Puget Sound and sharing their music through the San Juan Islands. Bicylces support the journey for MaMuse whenever possible, as they have pedaled their bodies and instruments from their homes in Chico to the World Music Festival (Grass Valley, CA), the Whole Earth Festival (Davis, CA) and the Bicycle Music Festival (San Francisco, CA). 

The encouragement and support of their hometown Chico, California community (MaMuse has received awards two years in a row from local voting music enthusiasts for Best New Act, Best Folk Act and Best Local Act) has provided the strength for the “rootsy female wonder duo” of MaMuse to make her way out into the world, touring regions across the country as well as establishing a strong presence through the Bay Area and Northern California. MaMuse has released two albums to date: 2008 debut album All the Way and May 2010 newborn, Strange and Wonderful. 

The essence of MaMuse is rooted in the transparency of a journey shared by two women who feel a lot and dare to express their experiences through song and story. “As a community we are all strengthened when even one of us discovers his or her voice and dares to share. We dare you to sing with us. We dare you to discover your own song.” (Karisha)


 Aug 1 Celebrate Lughnasadh in your own special way!

Aug 2 @ TBA Samantha Sweetwater- private group

Aug 3, 4 @ 10am Preparing for the Energies of the New Time with Froukje Buma and Jeroen Kuyper-  6 day workshop

Aug 7 @ 6pm Unconditional Love Activation   This workshop includes many modalities and tools that are integrated in such a way to give the participants an opportunity to experience themselves and take a look at their lives from a newly energized perspective. In that everything, including all of us, are made up of energy, this Guided Visualization / Meditation in conjunction with such powerful tools like essential oils, crystals and different sound & vibration, will elevate each participant’s energy.  In other words; You will feel happier, more hopeful and energetically recharged than ever before!

Aug 8 @ 7:30pm Sufi Dances of Universal Peace with Robin

Aug 19 @ 7pm The Sun Hop Fat Ethopian Soul and Dance Music

Aug 20 @ 7pm GRAMMY nominated multi-instrumentalist, Gentle Thunder in Concert with very special guest dancers. Offering her alluring alliance of Native American Flutes and Grand Hammered Dulcimer, she will weave an evening of beauty and appreciation to say goodbye to The Flying Lotus of Mt. Shasta. $15 at the door (opening at 6:30 p.m.) ~

Aug 21 @ 7:30 pm Fireworks for the Soul Tibetan Bowl and Gong Concert with Diane Mandle Nationally known Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer, recording artist and author, Diane Mandle uses sound and light to tap into an individual’s sensory experience and create an elevated state of healing and meditation during her concerts.  These restorative concerts feature precision tuned Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Planetary Gongs and other vibrational instruments creating a “tonal bath”. Additionally she also projects light forms of sacred geometry bathing the audience in color and moving light. She tells the story of these amazing instruments, the healing they bring and the science behind it.  “ It is really a transformational event. People should come prepared to have body, mind and spirit deeply shifted.” Mandle says. Mandle is the only State Certified Tibetan Bowl Healer/Instructor in California and a  guest presenter at the Deepak Chopra Center , The Golden Door and Rancho la Puerta.. In addition to her private practice she works with cancer patients in the medical setting. Her CD’s have received praise in San Diego ’s’ Light Connection Magazine as “highly internal and great for meditation. $20 advance, $25 at the door Please bring something comfortable to lie on.


Sept 3, 4, 5 Moving Away Yard Sale at the Lotus Nectar Camp 1541 Pine Grove Drive Noon-5pm

Sept 3 @ 7:30pm Shalomar and Friends in Concert  Mother of All Heal this World.  A very special concert of original songs, music, Sacred verse, dance and ancient chants Tickets $10 at Soul Connection, $12 at the door

Sept 9 @ 3-10pm Give Away and Sale at The Flying Lotus

Sept 10 @ Lotus Slide Show and Breton Folk Dance Thank You Party!

Sept 11/12 The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journey, Power and Healing with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies  Beth Beurkens 541- 708- 0473  

Sept 16 @ 7pm The Aramaic Healing Circle with Sacred Water Healing Ceremony International Aramaic Spirituality teacher Dale Allen Hoffman facilitates this 3 Hour event. The Aramaic Healing Circle is a profound fusion of meditation, conscious breathwork, ancient Aramaic teachings, vocal intonations and practices to nurture awareness and cultivate deep release. Focus is on the release and transmutation of energies and beliefs which conceal the true nature of our inherent Divinity. Dale unfolds deepening layers of exercises, breathing practices, ancient Aramaic intonations and prayers to help pierce the veil of what Yeshua (Jesus) called our Temple (Aramaic Hykhla)and to consciously experience what He called Enana, or, “The I within the I.” The process climaxes with The Sacred Water Healing Ceremony accompanied by a deeply profound musical soundtrack. The Sacred Water Healing Ceremony is a powerful opportunity to wholly let go of and release anything that is blocking the natural expression of our true Light. $25

Sept 17, 18, 19 Workshop with Pippa and friends of London UK

Sept 24 @ TBA Mabon Community Ritual Theatre

Sept 25/26  Shamanism Workshop with Beth Beurkens   541- 708- 0473

OCTOBER  The Flying Lotus of Mt. Shasta will be closed/Shasta Yoga Center moves in.

NOVEMBER  The Flying Lotus will be closed/Look for us in Ashland Oregon and check

 Nov 1  AvaSha Priestess School begins  with Graell location TBA  Please write for registration and details

DECEMBER  The Flying Lotus will be closed

Dec 19 Winter Solstice Community Ritual Theatre/ location TBA


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